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Music Lessons for Preschoolers!

Totnes School of Piano is now offering the Preschool Prodigies programme for students aged 2-5 years old!

The Preschool Prodigies programme is a curriculum that uses desk bells, colours, singing and video lessons to teach a music foundation that leads very nicely into beginner piano lessons when the student is ready. Here at Totnes School of Piano, we incorporate work on our little red toy piano - as well as the "big piano" - with the Prodigies Playground materials, and it's so much fun!

The guy in the yellow trousers is Mr. Rob, and he leads students through singing and playing activities in the Preschool Prodigies video lessons. Children learn the solfegge system (Do-Re-Mi, etc.), note names and their numbers, as well as rhythmic concepts made simple and fun through Kodaly methods.

If you have a preschool child who is showing interest in music, please get in touch to learn more about the Preschool Prodigies programme at the Totnes School of Piano!

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