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Think PINK!

Before we bid this beautiful summer farewell, I want to reminisce on a happy Totnes School of Piano memory. In July, we held yet another Pink Piano Party, this time for our Park School students. And wow - did we have fun!

That's right - a Pink Piano Party. We held our first one back in the summer of 2016. I actually painted one of our pianos pink!! And it really is fun to play. Have a look...

Performer's eye view of the pink piano

Pink piano with pink lights stands at the ready

Good advice in any situation

Keep your vices pink! (Pink gin for mums only!)

We played a rousing few rounds of candy music bingo

Mad student grab at the prize box - mid-bingo

Sam played the Pink Lady Valse while students kept time with pink cups on the table. Two pink mums jumped up and did a pink dance, they were so inspired by the festivities! Yes, it really was that much fun...

Lush pink party food and drink

Strawberries - raspberries - a sliver of delicious lemon tart (made by a piano dad!) - pomegranate juice

Post-party carnage. We kept the decorations up for a few weeks after, just

to relive the happy memory of the Pink Piano Party.

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